“Getting into the IDP program is challenging and stressful for international dentists. Guidance and resources to sharpen your dental skills are not only costly, but extremely difficult to find in a new country. However, Dr. Sandhu has been a blessing for me. She always allowed me to use her clinic, dental materials and above all her guidance for my bench exams. At any time I needed material or dental equipment for practice for my bench exams, she always allowed me to rent or buy the material according to my preference without any hesitation.

I highly recommend Dr. Sandhu and truly believe you would feel confident and prepared when you are giving your bench exam. Due to her guidance and knowledge I got accepted into multiple universities and I am sure you would get the same.”

Geetu Lagoo
VCU class of 2014

“Dr. Puneet Sandhu is one of the known and successful dentist in the Bay area. She not only helped me improve my dexterity in tooth preparations, but also prepared me for the interview. She meticulously followed my work until I perfected it. She passed on those fine details of dentistry that examiners use to triage applicants.  She provides great coaching at very reasonable terms and has enormous passion in helping foreign dentist reach their goals.

I thank her and recommend her to help you reach your dream school.”

Sumeet Masaun
UCSF IDP class of 2014

“I made the right decision by joining the hands-on bench test preparation program offered by Dr. Puneet Sandhu. At her clinic I learned all the different types of tooth preparation and their respective applications.
Every Dental School has its own norm of tooth preparation and the schools specifically check for those particular features during the bench test. After I joined the program things got cleared- “Which school wants What in the tooth preparation?”
I appreciate that even though the clinic is quite busy Dr. Puneet Sandhu always has time for the students to review and critique the work. She has all the dental supplies and a student doesn’t have to worry about what things to get or from where to buy. A student can just come in empty handed and straight away start practicing!
Additionally the time slots are really flexible and a student can choose a time slot of either 4hours or 8 hours according to his convenience.
Its a good experience and I really recommend it.”

Angela Latham
University of Pacific IDS class of 2014

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