Instruments Needed For Various Teeth Preparation

  • Hand Instruments
    • Mouth mirror

    • Williams probe- markings at 1,2,3,5,7 mm

    • Hatchet 1 mm wide blade

    • Hatchet 1.5 mm wide blade

    • Gingival margin trimmer – mesial

    • Gingival margin trimmer- distal

    • Bin angle chisel 1mm wide blade

    • Wedelsteadt chisel

  • Burs
    • 856-014 round end taper- chamfer or shoulder

    • 856-012 round end taper- chamfer or shoulder

    • 878k-012 chamfer- for chamfer prep

    • 847-012 Flat end taper- for shoulder prep

    • 8404-014 football

    • 859-10 long thin interproximal

    • 330 pear shape carbide- for class 2

    • 56 straight fissure carbide- for class 2

    • 170 L taper flat end carbide- for onlay, 3/4,  7/8 crown

    • Finishing multifluted carbide 8404, 856 ( gold burs)- for finishing and smoothening

  • High Speed Handpiece- 4 hole
    • If you have 2 hole then you can purchase an adapter to make it into 4 hole
  • Compressor- California tools works fairly well. Don’t forget to buy attachment to connect turbine.
  • Typodonts-  either one but preferably both
    • Kilgore – for UOP, UCSF
    • Columbia- for UCLA, USC, Loma Linda
  • Extra teeth – Kilgore or Columbia
  • Typodont Mount
  •  Turbine unit
  • Cheek cover for typodont– (optional depending upon school)
  • Amalgam set up– ( Optional depending upon school)

    carrier, plugger, burnisher, carver, tofflemire matrix holder, tofflemire matrices, wedges, amalgam capsules, amalgamator, floss, articulating paper, composite well.

  • Composite set up– ( optional depending upon school)

    Plugger,burnisher, tofflemire matrix holder, tofflemire matrices, wedges, clear strip, etch, bond, composite material, curing light, floss , Articulating paper

  • Rubber dam set up ( optional)

    Rubber dam material, clamp, floss, holder, puncher

  • Root canal Material ( optional)

    Special typodont tooth with root canals, k files ( sizes 8-40), sealer, gutta-percha, X ray film, office location to take X rays.

  • Temporary crown (optional)

    Pre prepped tooth with crown preparation, Unprepared tooth, Putty, Temporay crown material like acrylic, Vaseline, mixing well, spatula.

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