Dental turbine Unit

dental turbine tubing

If your dental turbine tubing that connects the turbine to the compressor is damaged in any way, you can buy it here. Tubing ONLY .


Price: $30.00

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Dental Turbine Unit

With foot pedal / 4 hole handpiece attachment/air-water syringe. Shipped next business day from the U.S.  Please be aware that we are a distributer and not a manufacturer of these units.
No refunds ,however if you have any problems exchange at no cost for upto 3 months from purchase. We need to get the faulty unit back in order to send a replacement.

You can go to a video on youtube that shows how it works

You will need an attachment called barb hose from plumbing dept in home depot to connect tubing from turbine to your compressor.



Price: $105.00

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