Bench test instruments list for home practice.
1.compressor with turbine unit
2.typodont-columbia or kilgore or both
3. Extra teeth for the typodonts
4.High speed handpiece
5.Hand instruments- Gingival margin trimmer mesial and distal, hatchet, bin angle chisel,mouth mirror.
6.Bench mount for typodont.
7. burs- 330, 56, 856, 837,878,8404, finishing carbide.
8.if practicing for amalgam filling then also tofflemire band,wedges, amalgam carrier, plugger, burnisher, hollenbach carver, amalgam capsules, amalgamator.
9. if practicing for composite then etch, bond, composite, plugger, burnisher, composite lgiht cure unit.clear strips.
10. typodont cheek cover for realistic practice as some schools have this during testing.